The confession of a waitress

Now, I confess......

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Chicken miso soup???

This lady from Table 35 who acts posh really irratates me. She came with a man and they took forever to order. When she ordered some drinks, she spoke so softly and I couldnt even hear her. This is a busy restaurant and it is very noisy u know. As I was standing there to take your stupid orders, you took your own sweet time to decide. I am busy ok ! And you dont even know what is sushi and tempura. Why act posh as if u are regular to Japanese restaurant? The man ordered miso soup. The lady tried a bit and I heard she said ohh, thats very nice. Is that chicken soup?...chicken???? Wuahahahahah..miso soup from chicken stock? Stupid woman. Miso is fermented soya bean ok? with bonito flakes ok? Fish ok ? Not chicken ok ?

Better stay at home

This table of two was an elderly couple. The man eats only gluten-free food. Gosh, this is so troublesome man. Gluten-free means no wheat in the food, which means no soya sauce. This is Japanese restaurant man, where soya sauce is the basic and most important ingredient in the food. So, I suggested sushi and sashimi without soya sauce and he said, no no I dont eat sushi sashimi. Oh God....then what are you doing here? What are you doing in Japanese restaurant when you eat only gluten-free. You dont wanna salad, so there is nothing else for you to eat. Finally, he ordered some duck without any sauce. Just plain roast duck. What's the point?? I don't see any point to dine outside. You make me running up and down to the kitchen and u left me no tips. People..

I am so stingy

Last Wednesday I had a table of 6 people. They looked very posh and as they came in, Ming told me that they gonna leave £50 tips. I got so excited and tried my best to give the best service. Kiki recognised them as well and told me they gonna leave good tips. However, as I was taking order from another table, this table of 6 was ready to order so Kiki helped me to take the order. After that, he left everything else for me to serve. At the end of the meal, I guess customers were very happy because they left me £80. Kiki asked me how much they left. I lied to him £20 because if he knew it was £80 so much, I will feel quilty because I didnt share with him as he helped me with this table as well. I am being stingy and I didnt want to share.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Royal visit II

After I met the Prince and Princess on Saturday night, I looked for more informations about the royal family of Thailand on the internet. I found out he is the crown prince of Thailand, Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn. He is the only son of the king of Thailand and is the heir to the throne.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Royal visit

Friday lunch came a couple that seems like Thais to me. They came to book a table for some VIPs on Saturday night. They spent more than 1 hour just to discuss on the table arrangement and menus and everything else. On Saturday night, the VIPs came. Who are they? They are the Prince and Princess of Thailand. Never in my life, I thought I will see this situation. There were securities everywhere. Just before the Prince and Princess came, their assistants came 1 hour earlier to check and arrange everything. The royals arrived at 10pm with their guards leading the way and guards standing by the entrance. When the Prince went to the toilet, there were guards standing by the door and they were everywhere. Just like watching a movie. All men in black !

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Why ??

On Tuesday, Kiki had a table of 12 guests. There were 4 guys and the rest were girls. Prosititues I would say. Some are young, slim and beautiful and a few are old and white. Very pale looking and ugly. One of them is so skinny, only skin and bones with no meat at all. Oh god. The host spent good money. The bill came to £2800 and he left Kiki £200 tips ! and left receiptionist £50...for doing nothing ! Why...why I never get good tips before?? Why? The most I ever get was £125 tips from a table of 3 guests and that was the only time. Last Sunday, Marc got £200 from a table of 4 guests as well. Why this never happen to me?

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Am i going to die young?

Saturday night, gosh! the whole restaurant was so packed especially it was 1st of march when everyone got their salary on the last day of February. I was running like headless chicken. I didnt even have time to pee. Running halfway, I can feel that my heart was burning and everytime I breath, I can feel a shary pain on my heart. God, what was wrong with me?